About QubaVR
About QubaVR

About Quba

Born in Poland, in 1976, Quba Michalski is a Creative Director, Motion Artist, Filmmaker, Problem Solver and Creative Thinker with over two decades of experience in various disciplines of design.

His unique, multi-faceted approach is a result of a wide array of interests (from gaming, coding, design and film-making to automation, psychology, quantum physics and anthropology to name just a few), combined with a multi-cultural upbringing (having left Poland at the age of 16, he has spent a majority of his life in various cities across Europe, Middle East and the United States).

Quba is best known for his ability to analyze or create new projects, observe them from multiple perspectives, and develop practical solutions. With his wide area of expertise, he is able to quickly identify potential future problems and remedy them in advance through smart planning and adjustments. As a project leader, he is equally comfortable with traditional techniques, cutting-edge modern tools – or with authoring brand new solutions either practically or in code.

Quba’s visual style uses storytelling, optical illusions and tight correlation between audio and video, often employing principles of misdirection, impossible geometries and practical builds to continually surprise, delight and entertain the viewer.

To see a selection of my flat media projects (works intended to be viewed on a 2D screen) and learn about things I did before Virtual Reality, visit the Quba before VR page.


For the past several years, in addition to traditional flat media, Quba has been directing and producing award-winning content in Virtual and Augmented Reality.

QubaVR is a result of this new focus – an initiative exclusively tailored to crafting stories and experiences in these exciting new mediums.

Through theory and practice, art and technology, QubaVR aims to expand our understanding and fluency in building new generation of content that’s ever more immersive, engaging and exciting.

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Whether you have a question, business proposal or a large sum of money you need assistance transferring out of a third world country, feel free to contact me directly via quba@qubavr.com or through the webform below.

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Before VR, I creative directed traditional flat media content designed for 2D screens, as well as interactive and experiential projects.
You can see some of my older demo reels and learn more here.
Download the most recent copy of my CV. It's lenghty, but hopefully entertaining and informative, too.